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Robot Palletiser

Indoc P/L is a privately owned company based in Melbourne’s south east that has been providing specialty blended paints to industry for over 30 years.

Fanuc palletising robot cells were sourced to improve production rates, minimise OHS risk, and eliminate the reliance on external labour to meet demand.

Fanuc M710iC robots were utilised with Ethernet I/P for the fieldbus, and a Pro Face HMI provides the operator with an intuitive level of monitoring and control.

Each palletising robot is fitted with a vacuum gripper incorporating an efficient Piab vacuum generator.

The robot palletisers operate with several different palletising configurations.

Indoc has now introduced 8 robots into their production facility to keep up with their expanding requirements.

INDOC Paints

Fanuc M-710iC Palletising robot

The FANUC M-710iC series is FANUC’s latest-generation, six-axis, medium to high payload, high-performance family of industrial robots. Designed for a wide variety of manufacturing and system processes, the M-710iC series provides the largest working envelopes in its class, with the smallest footprint.

Engineered for extremely high speeds, application flexibility and reliability the M-710iC series delivers repeatable precision and unparalleled performance. Based on its simple and reliable serial link construction, the M-710iC/20L offers an industry leading reach and stroke making the largest material handling robot of its kind. With the FOUNDRY-PRO option (IP-67), the robot can easily be applied to harsh environments.


Payload 20 – 70 kg
Axes 6
Reach 1360 – 3110 mm




Fanuc M710iC palletising robot Australia

Fanuc M710iC robot

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