Robotic Grinding Cell

Large production facility in Adelaide incorporating a Fanuc M900 600kg payload robot.

Originally an Allen Bradley ML1500 PLC with DeviceNet fieldbus was managing the entire process including proportional hydraulics.
A force feedback system was specifically developed to instantly control robot speed relative to the robotic grinding force. This allowed for improved production rates due to the robotic grinding cell being able to react to excess material rather than cause wheel stalls and stoppages.

The control system was recently upgraded to the new powerful Omron NJ PLC with Proface HMI, giving the customer increased system response via Ethercat IO and improved operation with the intuitive interface.

Omron NJ PLC Australia

Fanuc M-900iA

The FANUC M-900iA heavy payload robot series is a designed for high-speed/high-payload applications. The rugged wrist performs reliably in even the harshest of environments.

The small footprint conserves floor space, while the slim arm and wrist assembly minimize interference with system peripherals. “Best in class” wrist moments and inertia meet a variety of heavy handling and material removal challenges.

Invert mount installation is possible with the M-900iA/350 and M-900iA/260L models where available space is a concern. The stationary outer arm simplifies the robot dress-out package and increases the reliability and service life of the overall system. FOUNDRY-PRO option is available for extreme and hazardous environments.


Payload 200 – 700 kg
Axes 6
Reach 2650 – 3625 mm

Fanuc M900iA robot Australia

Fanuc M900iA robot Australia

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