Robotic High Speed/Function Palletising Cell

Palletising Robot

Visy Board in Dandenong Victoria reutilised an existing Fanuc robot into a new robot palletising cell.The palletising robot is a Fanuc W410i with an RJ2 controller. Although the controller is quiet old, the majority of functionality required was still present.

An Omron CJ2M PLC controls the cell, with remote I/O on Ethernet I/P via Turck BL20 nodes. The Fanuc robot now also communicates on a quasi Ethernet I/P level. Dual Pro Face HMI’s are in operation for machine control.

Safety of the RJ2 controller was upgraded to satisfy risk assessment demands.

Fanuc M-410iB Palletising robot

The FANUC M-410iB series is FANUC’s latest-generation palletising industrial robot. The M-410iB is engineered for precise high-speed/ high-payload operation and maximum reliability.

The M-410iB is a four-axis, electric servo driven robot with an integrated mechanical and control unit suited to a wide variety of manufacturing and palletising system processes. The M-410iB offers payloads from 160Kg to 700Kg and the fastest cycle times of any robot in this class. A small footprint and integrated controller reduces the required floor space.


Payload 140 – 700 kg
Axes 4 – 5
Reach 2850 – 3143 mm

Fanuc M410iA palletising robot Australia

Fanuc M410iB palletising robot Australia

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