Small Area Palletising Robot Cell

Robot Palletising of electrical cable drums

Tycab Australia in Dandenong Victoria sourced a robot palletiser in order to mitigate strain related injuries of its workforce.
The size of the robot cell was limited as it needed to fit in an available area between machine and walkway. Operator and pallet loading access was also provided, which was accommodate neatly into the work cell.

The cable drum palletising system has been designed to accommodate various sized spools and pallet configurations, and utilises a light weight multi function robotic gripper.

The robot palletiser is operated from a ProFace HMI with no external PLC, making for a very user friendly system.

The Fanuc M20iA 35M robot is perfect for small palletizing applications due to its large working envelope, high payload, and high speed relative to its size.

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Fanuc M20iA 35M

The FANUC M-20iA/35M is ideal for a variety of applications ranging from material handling to assembly. With the ability to handle 35kg, this M20iA robot can offer more strength. The M20iA/35M has an 1813mm reach and 0.08mm repeatability.

If you are looking for a robot to advance your production, the FANUC M20iA/35M is a great choice!


Axes: 6
Payload: 35kg
Reach: 1813mm
Repeatability: ±0.08mm
Robot Mass: 252kg

Robot Motion Speed

J1 180 °/s
J2 180 °/s
J3 200 °/s
J4 350 °/s
J5 350 °/s
J6 400 °/s

Robot Motion Range

J1 370°
J2 260°
J3 461°
J4 400°
J5 280°
J6 900°

Fanuc M20iA-35M

Fanuc M20iA 35M palletising robot Australia

robot gripper

Robot multifunction gripper

Robot control panle

Proface 5.7″ HMI

Roboguide concept

Roboguide concept

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