Industrial PLC Programming Services

Having previously worked with the industries leading brands of automation equipment, Automation Solutions is able to offer complete PLC programming services from concept to commissioning. Written in an easy to follow language with full documentation of symbols and operation. Machine interface provides innovative and intuitive levels of control, also providing current sequence step information.

Our PLC programming experience includes

  • Omron Sysmac Studio
  • Omron CX Programmer
  • Allen Bradley / Rockwell, both RS Logix 500 and RS Logix 5000
  • Siemens S7, including S7 Graph

Our HMI programming experience includes

  • ProFace GP-Pro EX
  • Omron CX Designer
  • Allen Bradley / Rockwell Factory talk
  • Siemens Simatic

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Some examples of PLC projects..

This is an automated docking machine, batching transformer coil sheets.
Dock length, batch size, scaling, and cycle timers are all easily adjusted by the user


This circa 1950 autoclave got rejuvenated.
Full cycle diagnostics available on the main screen, and all variables are available for adjustment.




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