How Robotic Automation in Australia is improving Mining Operations

Australian businesses, especially those in remote areas where finding skilled labour can be difficult, often face labour shortages and resulting bottlenecks due to expensive machines that often sit idle. To help companies overcome these challenges and improve their operations, Automation Solutions and Complete CNC Solutions have come together to offer industrial automation and machine tool services.

Automation Solutions specialise in providing innovative robotic solutions such as machine tending and material handling cells, which can streamline manufacturing operations. Complete CNC Solutions specialise in machine tools, special products, and services, complementing Automation Solutions’ capabilities in industrial automation and robotics control systems.

Together, they offer a one-stop solution for businesses’ automation and machine tool needs. These robotic systems handle raw materials and finished products that can run unmanned throughout the day and night, allowing mining companies to extend machine run time and achieve a sharp increase in output.

By reducing the labour required to produce finished machined parts, businesses can redirect current human resources to high-value tasks such as programming, quality, and machine set-up.

Lights-out machining, which allows for efficient finishing of production runs even outside regular business hours, can also be achieved with the assistance of robots. Automation Solutions and Complete CNC Solutions offer comprehensive industrial automation and machine tool services that enable businesses to leverage the benefits of robotic automation, streamline operations, and reduce labour costs.

In addition to robotic automation, Complete CNC Solutions’ maintenance and machine calibration services further enhance efficiency, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. Regular maintenance and calibration of machines can ensure that they are running at peak performance and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns or production delays. This can help mining companies achieve their production goals while reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Automation Solutions and Complete CNC Solutions provide innovative solutions to overcome production challenges faced by businesses throughout Australia. Their expertise in industrial automation and machine tools allows them to offer reliable solutions that help companies increase productivity, streamline operations, and reduce labour costs.