Nationwide Project Capability

Automation Solutions has provided robot installations and Fanuc robot support across Australia.

PLC projects can also be accommodated at a nation wide level.

With well developed user interface, giving in depth diagnostics, regional and remote areas are not a problem to operate a robotic application.

From Mafra to Portland to Wodonga in Victoria, to Ayre and Toowoomba in Queensland, Victor Harbour and Port Lincoln in South Australia, we have supported multiple installations across the country.

Our Services

Automation Solutions is able to offer PLC programming services from concept to commissioning.

Specialising in the programming of Fanuc robots, Automation Solutions will work with new or second hand robots.

Automation Solutions is available to complete documentation for your project.

Risk Assessments and other services are within the scope of works performed by Automation Solutions.

Automation Solutions is able to provide maintenance services as required to meet plant shut-down service requirements.

Automation Solutions is able to offer Fanuc robot installations and support Australia wide.

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