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Robotic CNC Machine Tending Cells

Since operations commenced in 2004 Omega Technical Engineering has evolved into an innovative design and manufacturing facility. Strategically located between Sydney and Melbourne, specialising in customer centric project management and precision CNC machining. The company has grown from a small workshop with only a single employee and two CNC machines, into a large facility with 17 full time staff, a unique combination of 13 CNC machines and an array of auxiliary finishing equipment.

In addition to the sub-contracting arm of the business, the company purchased and relocated Ross Performance Parts, a high-performance automotive brand in 2013. Manufacture and assembly of the proprietary product range was integrated into their regional facility. This expansion has pushed the company towards robots for machine tending applications to provide increased capacity and improved efficiency.

Automation and robotics are an elegant solution to a complex problem; reducing the labour input required to produce finished machined parts and allowing current human resources to be re-directed to high-value, high-skill tasks, such as, programming and machine set-up; whilst providing a sharp increase in output from the cell, extending the machine run time with the robot able to keep its primary machine running efficiently throughout the day, plus finishing production runs through lights-out machining.

Fanuc M-710iC/50

The FANUC M-710iC series is FANUC’s latest-generation, six-axis, medium to high payload, high-performance family of industrial robots. Designed for a wide variety of manufacturing and system processes, the M-710iC series provides the largest working envelopes in its class, with the smallest footprint.


Payload 50 kg
Axes  6
Reach 2050 mm

Fanuc R-2000iB/210F

Featuring a huge 210 kg payload, this model is ideally suited to any number of heavy handling jobs on almost any application. With numerous mounting options available to make best use of space and create an optimal work envelope, it makes an excellent general purpose robot.


Payload 210kg
Axes 6
Reach 2655mm

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